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In the time that I've been in the construction field, I've worked for what seems like every big name, national franchise company that you can think of  - as well as several very popular, large scale, local contractors.  I've made a career selling kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, roofing, and siding, but I came to find that I had devoted my heart and soul to the wrong companies and the wrong people.  

The two questions that I am asked the most are:

1.  Why have you worked for SO many different companies? and

2. What made you open your own business?

No!  I was never fired - haha!  In fact I have been the #1 leading sales and design person at most companies that I have worked for.

The answer to both questions is ethics.  The home remodeling field, very sadly, has proven to be filled with countless dishonest people.   From the local level to the national corporate level, I have lost sleep many nights over what these companies have knowingly and repeatedly done to despicably betray customers trust.  Each time, I quit and hoped that the next place would be the one where things just simply worked the way they were supposed to.  Each time ended in customers being victimized, more sleepless nights for me, a firm resignation, and a frustrating new job search.

I dreamed of someday being able to open my own company and being able handle each step of the process honestly and correctly.  My passion has always been helping homeowners live and function in a space that brightens their days and frames their memories.  Opening my own company would assure me that these heartfelt and genuine goals were seen to fruition without smear. 

Well, that day joyously came.  And now, here I sit writing to  you.  It's truly an honor to have you consider me for a job as important and meaningful as remodeling your home.  I sincerely hope that my enthusiasm, dedication, and ethics, touch you - and that I am the person you choose to transform your home into your palace.

Have a blessed day!

  Victoria Klaus

   The Pittsburgh Remodeling Queen

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