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Holiday Decorating

Today's kitchen is much more than a utilitarian work space.  Kitchens are often referred to as the heart of the home, and for good reason.  As the most important room in your home, the kitchen is not only where food is prepared and meals are shared, it's the center of your family's day-to-day activities.  It's where you gather with loved ones and guests to share the conversation that binds you together and nurtures deep rooted bonds.  Having a beautiful kitchen means investing in your family's health and happiness.

Do you know that the average person spends one and a half years of their life in the bathroom? ...unless you are my husband.  His total will be far more than than that.  The bathroom is where our day both begins and ends.  The bathroom is by far the most personal room in your home as it defines the space for our crucial "me time."  Therefore, it's no surprise that many people feel that it is the most important room not just for quiet relaxation, but also for creativity and inspiration.

Are windows simply the pieces of glass that offer you a view to your outdoor surroundings?  Absopostiveilutely not!  Today's windows include such a wide variety of options regarding longevity, energy savings, safety, security, and convenience that it blows the average customer's mind.  Did you know that some windows can offer such an incredible energy cost savings that they are actually free or even profitable if financed correctly?  You read that right!

I remember back when siding was just viewed as a cheaper alternative to brick.  Those days are long gone, baby!  The vast variety of products from vinyl to composite materials, the endless design patterns and shapes offered, and the availability of everything from a thin vapor barrier type underlayment to form fitting insulation made from aerospace technology means that today's siding can offer both superior curb appeal and superior function.. 

A project that excites me every time is designing  and installing outdoor living spaces.  I personally love to entertain, and two of my favorite activities are cooking and dining outdoors.  My husband is so wrong when he says they're talking and shopping!  As more and more homes today feature not just a store bought grill beside the back porch, but an outdoor kitchen and dining area, it's no coincidence that this consistent rise in popularity is reflected nicely in the resale value of homes with them installed. 

If you're looking to have your home decorated without the hassle of the shopping, the design process, or the time it takes to put them up and take them down, text or call us today! Our team will make sure your holidays are stress free and magical for you and your family or guests! Looking for a place to store your decorations so your home stays organized? We have you covered! 

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