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Are You Looking For A Magazine Quality Remodel

For A Reasonable Price?


You've come to the right place! 



Having to trust someone with your precious home and your hard earned money isn't easy at all.




What is your worst nightmare right now?  

  • Having to sit through 3 hour presentations that end in high pressure sales techniques?  You have to sign right now because the price goes up tomorrow? 

  • More importantly, how about simply being, mislead / flat out lied to / overcharged / ripped off?

  • What if you place a sizable downpayment for your project and don't hear a word for months after your check has been cashed?


  • Wondering if the contractor and his laborers will actually show up to do the work... every day... sober?


  • Holding back the fury to both scream when he hits you with a surprise price hike to finish the job after your house has been torn apart?


  • Praying that he didn't borrow those pictures of his work from his uncle, and that he doesn't completely destroy your home?


Enough Is Enough!



I'm Victoria Klaus, The Pittsburgh Remodeling Queen, and I'm here to remodel the remodeling industry.


That's pretty catchy, but what does it mean?

Because of the few horrors above and what seems like a thousand more, I'm as bothered as you are by the slimy state of the remodeling world today.  From the local contractor, to the smiling face on TV commercials, to the nationally regarded corporation, it seems that no-one can be trusted.


So, here is what I bring to your home:

  • Passion, Care, Heart, and Blatant Honesty.  I've quit countless jobs and have been willingly unemployed just because I refuse to work for dishonest contractors and companies. I refuse to tell clients what they want to hear just to lock them into a contract. 

  • I bring an eye for design and a depth of product knowledge far beyond any competitor that I've met.  If you can dream it, I can make it happen for you.  

  • But most importantly, and I hope if you read one part on this page, it's this:

I Understand Your Needs.  

I understand that your goal is to make your treasured home an even more special place, and that this is no small deal.  Your home is the framework for your life, the most important place that you invest your time; and I understand that your main goal is to provide the most meaningful surroundings for the memories you make there.  

To schedule a consultation, or if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call me.  I'm truly honored for the opportunity to discuss your home with you.

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What My Clients Say About Me

I never look forward to any home remodeling project. I approach them with great trepidation. I never feel comfortable that I am dealing with individuals who are as committed to delivering a high-quality product post-sale as much as they are committed to get me to commit to their service pre-sale. 


If you have the same trepidation, I have a solution for you: The Pittsburgh Remodeling Queen. A new entrant in the home remodeling business, owner Victoria Klaus is the most self-driven and tireless individual I have ever met. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and ideas to any project. Add to her character description honesty, integrity, and respect. And last but not least, she is client focused from beginning to end. She has done an unbelievable job in designing my bathroom/shower makeover. She picked up on my interests in music and baseball through casual conversation and has incorporated them into the design. Talk about listening to and getting to know your clients! I’m not talking some over the top, gaudy design incorporation, but rather subtle touches that help make my project unique for me. She keeps me informed of everything related to my project and I have no reservations of contacting her with questions. I can’t say enough good things about my dealings with The Pittsburgh Remodeling Queen. I am not one who gives out recommendations, but she has proven to be such a pleasure to work with that I would be doing her and you (her potential customer) a disservice not to. Talk to her competition if you feel you must do your due diligence, but in the end, I’m confident you will bow to the Queen.

- Dean Meister

Thank you Pittsburgh Remodeling Queen for transforming both of my bathrooms! I am so happy with the end result. Victoria Klaus listened to our vision for our main bathroom and second bathroom. She worked with us on shopping around for different designs for all of the bath features and provided renderings that were something right out of HGTV! She delivered on exactly what was designed too! 

I live in a 100 year old home so of course there were some challenges that came up during the remodel like any other project but each challenge was communicated to me with options on how to move forward and a recommendation on the best way to move forward without any additional cost. Victoria was transparent through the whole process from beginning to end with sales, contracting, design, remodeling and closeout. I have worked with other contractors before and not had good experiences. I would use the Pittsburgh Remodeling Queen again and recommend her for anyone's next remodel!

- Thoryn Simpson

To schedule a consultation, or if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call me.  I'm truly honored for the opportunity to discuss your home with you.

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